SHAX provides essential furniture and household items to local people in crisis through homelessness and/or poverty, especially for people moving from emergency accommodation to a new permanent tenancy. We do this through a referral process from Support Agencies. If you are a support worker and would like to know more about our services, please see our Contact  page. If you’re in personal crisis, please call SHAX and we’ll try to help.

We offer three support services:

Emergency Starter Packs – which clients receive to enable them move into their new tenancy immediately. This can include crockery, cutlery, personal hygiene items and bedding.

SHAX Homemaker Scheme – a delayed payment service to help clients buy household goods through a jointly agreed repayment schedule. This enables clients have essential items to start them off in their new tenancy.

Emergency Loan Service – where we provide a folding bed, chair(s) and small fridge to help people in need feel comfortable at home until they either receive Community Care Grant goods or can afford to buy these essential items.